40th Annual Lakewood Arts Festival

Thank you to everyone who came to visit me at the Lakewood Arts Festival!!! I enjoyed seeing familiar faces and meeting new people who also enjoy cats and botanicals! πŸ˜ŠπŸ±πŸŒΏπŸ’•A special thanks to all my amazing friends and family who stopped by to say hello and probably have way more of my art than they need, I appreciate all of your support! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’• Last but not least, I couldn't do any of this without the support of my wonderful husband! You're the best Caleb! 😘❀️

Lakewood Arts Festival
booth setup
close up
tlf crew
couldn't do it without him
tlf crew

Lakewood Arts Festival 2016

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported me at the Lakewood Arts Festival this weekend! I had a great day and enjoyed seeing new and familiar faces!

MVP of the day, my husband Caleb, I couldn't do it without you! 

The best crew in town. 

Future artist and cutest helper! 

Recharging with piΓ±a coladas, arepas & the olympics at my favorite spot in town, Barroco. 

Lakewood Arts Festival

I participated in my second Lakewood Arts Festival this weekend! Thanks to everyone
who stopped by my booth, it was great to meet new people and see some familiar faces!
Special thanks to all my friends, family, & amazing husband for supporting me!

I was so lucky to be booth neighbors with my friend and super talented ceramist, Andrea LeBlonde! p.s. Learn more about her here: http://www.terravistastudios.com/Site/TerraVista_Studios____Andrea_Page.html

Even my neighbors stopped by! 

Sister Sister! 

Thanks for all you do to support me Caleb, I couldn't do it without you, literally (my booth would be a table with a blanket on the ground to display my art)!

The Lakewood Arts Festival

I got to take The Lovely Forest to its first arts festival yesterday! It was an honor to be included in such a great creative tradition and I learned a lot! There was sun, rain, thunder, & lightning, but it was a great experience overall. I got to meet some awesome people and I'm so thankful to all my family and friends who came out to support me! Can't wait till the next one!

The calm before the storm...

Special thanks to my accounting team, Amanda & Shawn!

Special thanks to my accounting team, Amanda & Shawn!

Amanda looking contemplative while I did some street art.

And then it poured...and my Dad held down the tent while we secured the art.

The men of the Forest.

After the storm playing cashier.

Honored to win second place for best creative presentation!

My wonderful husband Caleb, couldn't have done it without him!

Sisters of the forest.


And then it was over...and I left with a huge bag of popcorn.