Career Day!

Awesome day talking about creative careers with Valley Forge students in the same visual communications vocational program I went through 11 years ago! My favorite teacher and mentor, Mrs. Weber has created such an amazing program! Shout out to all the super creative kids I got to talk with today including my bro-in-law! So glad I got to enjoy this creative day with my husband, because it's where he asked me to prom and the rest is history.

Mrs. Weber (best teacher ever), Caleb & I reunited! She even gave me my competition blazer I wore to our regional, state and national design competitions! We won second place at nationals senior year!!!

It felt nice to go home. 

Road Trip!

A week ago was my husband and I's five year wedding anniversary and then he turned 30! We kicked off the celebrations with a long weekend on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail with a stop at Mammoth Cave and a Cavs game to end the weekend.

5 Years Ago

Bourbon + Bourbon = Happy Caleb

Dedication to an original cave guide.

Cave Dorks

Original cave add. 


Caleb is a cinematographer and he shot the Cavs Home Opener Video and we got to see it in person!!!

Go Cavs!!! 👑🏀🙌 

Sorry for the hiatus, but I was on vacation!

First stop: gluten free doughnuts at Erin McKenna's Bakery!

Sketching & Beaching!

Laguna Beach with my boo.

Driving down the coast.

Seals at La Jolla!

I love Palm Springs!

Mid Century Modern architectural & design tour of Palm Springs.

Girl with the Floral Tattoo

Sunrise at Joshua Tree Park.

Palm Springs Ariel Tramway to Mount San Jacinto State Park.

View from the top of Mount San Jacinto State Park.

Over exposed mountain with trees. Too many margaritas!

Pattern inspiration.

Cabazon dinosaurs (from the movie Pee-Wee's Big Adventure)!

Bye California, see ya later!

Street Art

In & Out has to be eaten at least twice when in California!

Secret rock tunnel.

Best GF Mexican food!

Me on any vacation.

Bikinis All Day

Color inspiration.

Pattern inspiration.

Beautiful desert colors.

Joshua trees.

Pattern inspiration.

Color inspiration.

Pattern & color inspiration.

Lots of margaritas.

Bye Palm Springs!

In & Out the sequel.